This site is dedicated to the memory of Katrina Ames.

My mother Katrina Ames was a very loved and loving women, she was so kind and caring towards everybody she knew with plenty of friends all over the country who thought so dearly of her. She was well respected and always made no less then 100% effort in everything she done. Her life revolved around me and my brother we meant the world to her she would always want the very best for us and settled for no less, she would never see us without even if that meant a sacrifice on her behalf as long as her kids were happy she was happy. Such a proud mother and worked extremely hard through out her life to ensure we were looked after not only while she was with us but also for when she had to go. Words could never describe how incredible she truly was, she has made me feel so proud to call her my mam and has taught me a great deal in life which I hope to carry on in her memory and become even half the mother she was one day. My mam was a strong woman who had a lot of downfalls to face in her life from as early as her childhood but not once did that ever stop the smile leaving her face or knock her down, she would always get back up and carry on with such a positive mind she was such a role model nothing could ever defeat her. My mam took ill over Christmas 2012 and in the early January 2013 she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer her first words after being told this was "well that's life!" and once again walked away smiling with such a positive attitude that it was beaten before it started. Sadly my mam was admitted into hospital the following week after diagnosis feeling generally worse it was then we were told the cancer was in its late stages and could not be cured, it then became aggressive and although my mam put up a brilliant fight and was not beaten easily she passed away 3 weeks after diagnosis so suddenly. She was unbelievably brave through out the whole time and being the typical mother she was done her best to protect us from knowing how poorly she really was and done her best not to let us see her in pain. A caring women right till the very end such an inspiration. She may be gone but she will NEVER be forgotten as she has left us with such happy memories of her. Giving me the best childhood possible (which was amazing) giving me such love care and thought in everyday of her life and always being there when I needed her no matter how big or small. Although she has been such a great loss to me and so many others her spirit always remains in our hearts leaving such a warm feeling that she is always close by. Without a doubt you are by far the best mother I could of ever asked for and surely the best angel up in heaven now. You will always live on through me mam <3 xxxxx

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